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10 Advanced Snowboarding Techniques


December is upon us and snow is falling! In honor of the season (and all the snowboard enthusiasts around the globe), we’re tossing out 10 snowboard techniques and tips to apply when hitting the slopes:

1. Dynamic Body Positioning
Explosive turns require dynamic body positioning. Be sure to bend the knees on the way in, and straighten on the way out. Also, be sure to practice the falling leave/garland techniques to maintain proper balance and positioning for explosive turns.

2. Focus on Edge Pressure
Be mindful of the pressure applied to a specific edge of the board. As the pressure affects the angle, a little more (or less) pressure can mean the difference between sticking it or eating it.

3. Euro-Carving
In the right conditions, euro-carving (or banking) can be an extremely effective way to maneuver safely and look cool in the process.

4. J-Turns
Mastering the J-turn requires a decent amount of hip strength and core balance. With the J-turn in the bag, safety shouldn’t be an issue for fast runs.

5. Side-Slipping
Similar to the J-turn, side-slipping requires hip strength and core balance, however, since the board is still moving, balanced foot pressure becomes a variable as well.

6. Choose an Edge
At high speeds, it’s easy to lose control of the board when gliding on the flat side of the board. It’s safer and much more effective to choose an edge on which to lean (but not too much).

7. Turn Faster with the Knees
When approaching high speeds, turning faster becomes a huge asset to the experienced rider. Begin your turns by guiding the board with the knees and balancing with the core.

8. Fall Properly
A snowboarder that hasn’t fallen is one that hasn’t ridden a board. It is inevitable, so falling properly is important. When falling forward, land knees first, then contact the snow with forearms tucked in. When falling backward, land butt first, then contact the snow with your back and tuck your chin to protect your head.

9. The Halfpipe is a Huge Swing Set
If we think of the pipe as a huge swing set, it can be a lot easier to approach. Gaining speed is accomplished by pumping on the way down and releasing energy on the way up. More speed = more air!

10. Perfect Isn’t Always Perfect
Rigid technique is designed for safety, but remember, it’s designed as a guideline. If you’re riding with “proper technique” but something doesn’t feel right, adjust your stance and posture to better suit your style.