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Cody “NoLove” Garbrandt, Alpha Male Standout at UFC182

Picking your Favorite Team Alpha Male Fighter just got a little bit tougher. Saturday night in Las Vegas the much anticipated UFC182 came to a close, and Team Alpha Male celebrated another victorious debut this time from the undefeated Cody “NoLove” Garbrandt.

Torque was especially excited for the debut of the next star rising out of the already crowded “who’s who” of TAM bad asses. Cody coming into this fight at 5-0 was faced with a seasoned veteran and a true challenge for his first ever UFC fight. Marcus Brimage was coming off a tremendous win in Sydney and looked to welcome the newcomer into the big leagues. As the night unfolded Cody got off to a great start. Showing no nerves Cody took great control of the center of the ring, and moved quickly. Cody had extremely focused energy and picked his shots well without over exerting himself and staying out of danger. It was revealed later in his interview with Joe Rogan that he had broken his right hand early on. At the very end of the first Round Cody Caught Brimage with a shot that could have very well been the end, but Brimage was literally saved by the bell. Going into the second Cody paced himself and saw openings but perhaps was slowed by a damaged right hand. In true Alpha Male spirit Cody rose to the occasion knowing that “it’s all mental”. In the third Cody rocked Brimage with a series of rights. With the pressure on Cody landed a big right hand and a quick flurry of punches before Herb dean stepped in for the TKO by punches finish.

“I saw the knock out, envisioned it.“

CODY Garbrandt Torque-UFC182

With such an impressive start to his UFC career fans can expect to see more in the near future from the newest Alpha Male Star. With top name fighters such as Urijah Faber, TJ Dillashaw, Chad Mendes, Joseph Benavidez in camp every day it is no surprise that the new up and coming fighters in this camp are seeing so much success. The heavily tattooed and slick styled “NoLove” got a little UFC love on Monday getting the #MCM (Man Crush Monday) post, and it Is no wonder that fans around the world are starting to notice him.

Cody Garbrandt-Torque-UFC182-MCM


The Main event was the true spectacle of the night, and it seemed like it might have just kept going without Herb Dean there to separate the sides. One of the greatest parts of watching two fighters honestly dislike each other is we get to see the ultimate resolution. Who can talk the most trash and back it up. The fight world has struggled to get regular coverage in mainstream media for much of its existence, and even though MMA in general is one of the fastest growing sports, we only ever see UFC on Sports Center or Local news until the biggest and baddest names clash. Add in some pre-fight drama, and mix in the fact that neither fighter has lost in the UFC then you have yourself the recipe for a gigantic night. And Saturday night it was.

From the very start of the fight fans were anxiously waiting every move, and curious how all of the bad blood would play out. The fact that both fighters touched gloves even surprised most fans. Jones’ sizes may have been the deciding factor in early rounds and it seemed as though Cormier had a hard time getting inside. Most of the fight was standing up and when Cormier could get his timing and distance he landed a few good shots. Jones worked his legs and the advantage in much of the first. In the second Cormier had his best round and arguably he best opportunity for a take down or a finish. Landing crushing blows on the inside again Jones seems frustrated and even surprised that Cormier was landing. From there the Champ took over. The final three rounds were fairly one sided and questions came into play as to Cormier’s Cardio for a five round battle. The final bell rang but not before the Champ rasied his hands in victory. Cormier clearly frustrated started to turn his back and Jones knowing the fight wasn’t over landed a few more shots as an exclamation point on a huge statement. The biggest question that this fight raised is… What does it really take to beat the champ? Alexander Gustafsson might have something to say about that. Immediately following the decision Alex posted on his Face Book “Jon “Bones” Jones, I am not impressed by your performance!” Let’s hope we all get to see a rematch of the toughest challenge for Jones career.