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TJ Lavin

Lavin is the first true Icon of BMX and one of the most decorated competitors in the sport today. For the past 15 years TJ has set the standard for competitive BMX riders around the world. Born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada TJ learned to ride at 5 years old and raced BMX until he was 15. Making a transition into dirt jumping Tj went pro and took the sport to another level.

He created tricks, set trends, and most importantly won at every level of competition. Lavin dominated X-Games and Dew Action Sports tour. At X-Games Lavin took bronze three times, silver once, and gold three times. He has been a DK Dirt Circuit Champ, a champion in the Gravity Games, a European championship winner, and a CFB Champion.

In 1995, he was crowned the much deserved title “King of Dirt”. After winning just about every possible BMX Competition TJ had a horrific accident during 2010’s Dew Tour Championship. With multiple injuries he was placed in a medically induced coma for two weeks. Proving that nothing can stop a positive attitude, TJ made astonishing leaps and bounds in his recovery. Months later TJ returned to his starring role as host of MTV’s “The Challenge”.

TJ has eagerly joined the Torque team as the Brand Ambassador and will work closely with all Torque action sports athletes.

  • Host of MTV’s The Challenge
  • 6 Time X-Games BMX Medalist
  • 3 Time X-Game BMX Gold Medalist
  • 3 Time Gravity Games BMX Gold Medalist
  • Bikes Over Baghdad BMX Tour 2014-2015